Little House Beside The Stream (English Novel)

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Sprache: Englisch
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Die 3. Publikation von Markus Zosel in englischer Sprache.

Markus Zosel takes the reader to a lovely place beside a stream which is quite a river. But to the main character, Damien, who is working in a library and a caretaker of two hiking trails around town, this river is a stream because of all its influences to him and the world he lives in. This world is a small but lovely old town with its memories, stories and secrets, which you can find in any town of this kind. After being separated for two years, Natasha steps back into his life again and brings along some exciting story she wants to publish on her own blog: the death of a foreign woman thirty years ago, which remained mysterious after being announced as suicide, and some hidden relations to a very popular mayor of this town and an important CEO of a local industry. But all of a sudden it all becomes real after many years of being hidden away from the public. And all of a sudden Damien and Natasha find themselves in the middle of an outrageous plot which is far away from the idle prosperity and calm beauty of the very beginning of the story. They are forced to take part in the action - and they do.

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Das ist die 3. Publikation des Autor in englischer Sprache.


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